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Based on your answers we prepared for yoг list of possible scenarios that you are facing in your work process
Please pick exact scenarios that describes your challenges at most
It will allow us to prepare for you individual solutions and suggestions, to improve your (and your team) productivity and effectiveness
Here are your answers from previous step:
Are you a manager or a doer?
- I am a manager

How much time do you spend managing your team and doing tasks by yourself?
- 90% manager / 10% doer

What does your work usually look like?
- I create tasks and assign someone to do it
- I set goals for the managers
- I manage managers

Your challenges at work:
- not enough tasks
- problems with estimating tasks/projects
- problems with the approval of completed tasks by an employee
- problems in controlling the work of employees
There will be 3 steps:
we will pick up (provide) solutions according to your challenges at work
we will define your team role & mail challenges at work - in form of questionnaire
based on step 1 we'll provide you a list of detailed scenarios of your main work challenges you are facing - in form of questionnaire
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