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Collaborate with ChatGPT
within your team in Slack or Telegram

Take all the advantages of using ChatGPT but use it in your favorite messenger + organize frequently used prompts in the company or individual prompt library
Work chat + Smart app
With the CollabGPT smart app, you can get any information from ChatGPT and seamlessly use it in the middle of a team conversation
Smart app offers various modes that you can activate at any time, with the option to keep it in silent mode the rest of the time
In the chat with the smart app, everyone on the team can contribute to forming questions for ChatGPT
The smart app has a "Gather questions" mode that allows collaborative gathering of questions for ChatGPT
You can store the most frequent work prompts in the prompt library and easily access them
Your team members can also use the prompts you've added to the library
With this smart app, you can optimize the costs of using ChatGPT for your entire company
Simply connecting a single ChatGPT account during the smart app installation is sufficient for the entire team to access it
Just one registered Tasks Ninja user is sufficient for all participants in the group chat to use ChatGPT
You can allow external users in your group chat to use smart apps and can also prohibit them from using the smart app if you wish
Prompts can be created by recording voice messages, and responses from ChatGPT can include voice-over with a pleasant voice that you can choose
Use CollabGPT with your team in Telegram group chats or Slack channels
including voices from the advanced voice engine ElevenLabs
Coming soon Discord, Microsoft Teams
The CollabGPT smart app is designed to allow the entire team to use ChatGPT functionality within their favorite messaging platforms, such as Telegram or Slack.
CollabGPT for your team
How does it work?
The team can collectively create prompts for ChatGPT directly in a group chat on Telegram or in a Slack channel.
You can configure a prompt in a smart app to ask you questions, and it will generate prompts based on your responses.
You can save prompts that you frequently use in your team's prompt library, which can be accessed by both new and existing team members.
There are three prompt libraries: the public, your team, and your individual library.
Results from one prompt can be used in another, allowing you to create a chain of prompts for more complex interactions with the ChatGPT.
Prompts can also be created by recording voice messages, and the responses from the ChatGPT can be voiced out.
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