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No more language barrier in work communication, content creation, during traveling or with friends

Do real-time translation in your favorite chat of text, voice messages and video messages to one of the 70 target languages
As easy as communicating in the chat
Work chat + Smart app
Smart app translates text, audio, and video messages into another language on the fly with high accuracy
You can understand your conversation partners, no matter the language they speak
This smart app supports more than 70 languages
Get the best and most accurate translation from every audio or video message in most languages
Smart app works in group chats
This means that you connect the smart app to a group chat, and from there, all translations happen automatically
There are 2 ways to translate content into the selected (target) language:
  1. In a group chat
  2. In the Tasks Ninja bot in your messenger
You can forward any messages directly to the smart app to get the translation
and receive accurate translations
This smart app is integrated with Slack, Telegram
Coming soon Discord, Microsoft Teams
Smart app has a transcription feature
This smart app includes all the features of the smart app for transcribing voice messages and videos into text in a group chat. You can read all about it here.
But for now, stay on this page
The smart app translates to the target language selected in the wizard settings
You can communicate in any language in a group chat and receive content in a unified language that you understand
Smart app takes your audio, translates it into another language, and gives you the written translation, freeing your hands from typing
For example, if you need a quick, high-quality, and accurate translation, you can simply record audio and receive the translation
You can work with people from other countries by creating a chat where everyone speaks their own language.
This makes it easier for everyone to understand each other
Because there's automatic translation into one chosen language, like English
It's very convenient for travel.
Smart app translates your messages into any language, allowing you to communicate with anyone
Simply hand over your phone and ask your conversation partner to record an audio message, and then receive an accurate translation in your language
All translated content and the original messages stay in one place - in your chat
You can always go back to the original message and its translation
This smart app translates text, voice and video messages to picked target language with high accuracy.
Real-time translation of messages in a group chat
How does it work?
This is a great tool for international teams, friends and traveling. It allows you to express your thoughts freely in your native language and communicate without language barriers.
It supports translation to more than 70 languages, including some of the most widely spoken ones such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, and more.
You can use this smart app both together with people in the group chat and individually.
This smart app is very flexible and can be used for many things like work, business, learning, travel, and even for content creation on foreign language.
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