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Prioritize your actual tasks
by complexity & duration in your work chat

Use this smart app as an assisting tool to group your tasks by complexity and start your workday with tasks that align with your current level of energy and focus
Work Chat + Task Manager
Now you can start your day with tasks that fit your current energy level
You can do things to get quick wins or concentrate on something difficult
When you have a big tasks you can mark them with subcategories to decide how to approach it
There are 3 types of big tasks:
You can group your actual tasks directly in your work chat
This smart app is integrated with Slack, Telegram
Coming soon Discord, Microsoft Teams
You can prioritize your actual tasks from your Asana, Jira, Trello
This smart app fully is integrated with Asana, Jira, Trello
Coming soon Monday, ClickUp, Google Tasks, Microsoft To Do, GitHub, GitLab, Basecamp, Todoist, Notion, Taskade
During prioritization you can create new task or even notes
You can prioritize tasks directly from your work chat - no need to access your task manager
There are you can also mark tasks as completed or create new ones
While you prioritize your tasks, you can also decide
which ones to delegate and which ones to postpone
Each team member can prioritize their tasks
to organise their day in more efficient way
It is easy to set up this smart app
Simply go through the step-by-step wizard
This smart app is the best tool when you have a lot of tasks
and want to decide where to put best efforts
This categorisation will assist you to prepare you task list according to your focus and energy level
routine & simple,
complex and
new or unusual
Read more about functionality of creating tasks on this page
Prioritize tasks by complexity & duration
This smart app is designed to assist you to group your tasks by complexity and duration. It can help you start your workday by prioritizing tasks that align with your current level of energy and focus.
Also you can postpone and complete some tasks while you grouping them within your work chat.
Once you have grouped them, the smart app generates a list of your tasks by groups and sends it to your work chat.
⚙️ It's totally flexible and configurable which tasks you would get in your task list for grouping. It could be tasks from any or many boards, specific columns or assigned to you or any team member.
How does it work?
You can prepare your workday by grouping your tasks by following categories:
1️⃣ quick tasks (up to 20 minutes)
2️⃣ big tasks:
· routine & simple
· complex
· new or unusual
3️⃣ a team effort
4️⃣ delegate
5️⃣ postpone
✅ complete
⚒ As an additional valuable option, you can assign a priority to completed tasks and configure any priority to move your task to any column in your task management software.
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