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Turn any audio and video messages from the work chat into text with high accuracy on the go

Is it convenient to listen to messages
from colleagues or friends in the group chats?
Now you can instantly receive high-accuracy text
from any voice or video message
Group chat + Smart app
Is it inconvenient to listen to audio or video messages from colleagues or friends
in group chats?
Now you can instantly receive high-accuracy text from every audio and video message
The smart app turns audio and video messages into text accurately in real-time
So you never miss crucial information, and you can understand the content of audio or video message anytime
More than 70 languages are supported
Get the best and most accurate text from every audio or video message in most languages
It super simple to use - once you add smart app to the group chat or channel
All your audio and video messages will be turned into text in real-time. No more action is needed
Some prefer audio messages, while others don't. It's tricky when they chat together in one group chat
Usually someone need to adapt. But not anymore.
You can use your preferred way of communication in the group chats
Do your voice or video messages contain important information, and do you want to work with it in the form of text?
Now, you can pass any voice or video messages to convert it into text. As simple as forwarding messages
The smart app provides high transcription accuracy regardless of the language in which the audio or video is recorded
Even when there are messages with background noises, it can transcribe recordings into text
You can record audio with the necessary information for your project or task, and the smart app will transcribe it into text that you can add to the task or share with the team
It's like classic voice-to-text dictation, but you can record the whole message at once and get a full and accurate text transcription of it
You can add the transcription smart app to any group chat and convert all voice or video messages from chat members into text
No registration is needed for them. And you can disable transcription for other members, leaving this superpower only for you
The smart app can be installed in multiple chats and used with any number of people in those chats
The setup process is super simple. Just follow the steps in the Tasks Ninja wizard
Currently this smart app supports Slack and Telegram
Coming soon Discord, Microsoft Teams
This smart app transcribes audio and video into text with high accuracy in real-time in a group chats or using Tasks Ninja app in Slack or Telegram.
Transcribing voice messages and videos into text in a group chat
How does it work?
For example, you can quickly record audio, such as tasks or project details, for your team, even when you're in a rush or driving.
It is a valuable tool when you need to convert recordings made by you or your team into a text format and then you can add transcribed text to task or to project.
You can use this smart app both individually and together with your team as a collaborative tool.
Alternatively, you may have recorded audio when good ideas suddenly came to mind, and the smart app transcribed your message into text.
Or you can use it in the group chat with the team or friends and get on the fly text from any voice or video message in the same chat.
It supports more than 70 languages, including some of the most widely spoken ones such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, and more.
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