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Prioritize your tasks by complexity & duration using real tasks from Jira directly in Slack

Use this smart app as an assisting tool to group your tasks by complexity and start your workday with tasks that align with your current level of energy and focus
Use tasks prioritization like a decision-making tool. Determine what you need to do first, what could be delegated, and what is possible to skip
Slack + Jira smart app
Prioritize tasks by complexity & duration
This smart app is designed to assist you to group your tasks by complexity and duration.
It can help you start your workday by prioritizing tasks that align with your current level of energy and focus.
Also you can postpone and complete some tasks while you grouping them within your Slack.
Once you have grouped them, the smart app generates a list of your tasks by groups and sends it to your Slack.
⚙️ It's totally flexible and configurable which tasks you would get in your task list for grouping. It could be tasks from any or many boards, specific columns or assigned to you or any team member.
How does it work?
You can prepare your workday by grouping your tasks by following categories:
1️⃣ quick tasks (up to 20 minutes)
2️⃣ big tasks:
· routine & simple
· complex
· new or unusual
3️⃣ a team effort
4️⃣ delegate
5️⃣ postpone
✅ complete
⚒ As an additional valuable option, you can assign a priority to completed tasks and configure any priority to move your task to any column in Jira.
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Philosophy of Smart Apps
A smart app is software that can be configured separately for each team member or for the entire team to fit the team's workflow and to increase productivity of each team member.
Smart apps can be added to the team's existing set of software without requiring the team to switch to a new software platform.
You don't have to change your workflow because of any kind of software, just choose the software that fits your workflow
Philosophy of Smart Apps
business process
The goal of Tasks Ninja's smart apps is to fit smoothly into the team's workflow, automate daily management rituals like stand-up meetings, and help perform other regular tasks within your team.
The smart app connects your data provider, such as Jira or Asana, with your work chat and brings a clear algorithm that helps you and your team work on projects and communicate effectively.
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⚖️ Prioritize tasks by complexity & duration
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What people say about this smart app
It has become an invaluable tool in my daily routine, allowing me to prioritize my workday. Give it a try and experience the remarkable impact it can have on your productivity and success.
I love to use this smart app, it has completely transformed how I manage my tasks. It helps me prioritize my workday effectively, ensuring I tackle tasks that align with my energy and focus levels.
Oleg Panchenko
This smart app has revolutionized how I manage my tasks. It has become an indispensable tool in my daily routine, allowing me to prioritize my workday with precision. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to optimize their task management.
CEO at FreySoft
CCO of
Dmytro Poberezhnyi
Stanislav Mandrik
What people say about this smart app
This smart app is the real deal for prioritizing tasks with your team - get the lowdown on what needs to be tackled first and delegate like a boss
Halyna Kamyshanska
If you're looking for a slick way to keep your tasks organized, this app is definitely worth checking out. With its ability to categorize tasks by priority and send them straight to your team's chat, you'll be able to stay on top of your workload like a pro
Stanislav Mandrik
With this smart app, you'll be able to optimize your task management like a true productivity ninja. Prioritize like a pro, delegate like a boss, and conquer your to-do list with ease. It's time to level up your workflow game!
Maxim Simanov
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